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Cancer Test

Constitutional (Blood) Test

Prenatal/Tissue Test

     Prenatal CMA Information for Providers

     Prenatal CMA Consent Form

Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Molecular Genetics Huntington Disease Consent Form

Pharmacogenomics Laboratory

How to Order Pharmacogenomics Testing in Cerner (IU Health Only)

Biochemical Genetics Laboratory

Blood Spot Collection Instructions

Specimen Requirements - Cytogenetics

Lab Notifications

Molecular Genetics Lab: Updates to Cerner Ordering for WT1 Expression (6-10-21)

Pharmacogenomics Lab: Updates to Cerner Ordering (9-28-20)

Cytogenetics Lab: New FISH Probe NUP98 Available (7-22-20)

Cytognenetics Lab: Now Accepting Blood for AneuVysion FISH (7-22-20)

IU Genetic Testing Labs: Now Accepting Extracted DNA for CMA, Molecular Genetics, and Pharmacogenomics Testing (7-16-20)

Cytogenetics Lab: New FISH Panels Available (3-13-20)

Cytogenetics Lab: Prenatal CMA Testing Now Available!

Cytogenetics Lab: Now Accepting POC Samples for CMA Testing

Cytogenetics Lab: Now Accepting Buccal Swabs for CMA Testing

Cytogenetics Lab: Changes to Follow-up FISH Testing for CMA

Molecular Genetics Lab: Huntington Disease Testing on Minors